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Masonry Waterproofing

Rife Masonry has you covered when it comes to waterproofing your brick, stone, or masonry walls. We have perfected this service to make your home, building or outbuilding last through the elements and stand the test of time. If you are looking to protect your investment, then masonry waterproofing should be at the top of your list.

Why should I Waterproof Brick

Waterproofing bricks and masonry isn’t always necessary but it depends on many factors. The biggest factor would be weather. If you live in a wet climate and have an older brick wall or home. If your brick or stone is porous this will also increase the likelihood or need for a waterproofing service.

Also, poor masonry construction such as deteriorating mortar or hairline cracks increases the need for waterproofing services. If mold, mildew, algae growth is present then proper cleaning and application of waterproofing or stone sealant would be the best option for a cost effective approach to protecting the life of the stone.

Masonry Waterproofing or Brick Sealant Advantages:

  • Prevent efflorescence
  • Reduce moisture penetration
  • Limit mildew growth
  • Protect from de-icing salt attack
  • Reduce spalling

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Benefits of Brick Waterproofing with Rife Masonry

Rife Masonry is a top grade applicator of masonry waterproofing products. We have perfected the application of various waterproofing sealing techniques to maximize the life of your stone home, or business. Our quick sealing process is minimally invasive to your lifestyle so you can continue on as normal while we protect your home from the elements.

We aim everyday to do the best job possible for our customers. We hope that our clients understand that their interests are our interests. We hope to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that we are fully licensed and insured. Our industry experts have extensive knowledge in applying masonry waterproofing and hope to exceed your expectations.

Best in Class

Rife Masonry has a proven track record in excellence. From our amazing customer service to our second to none craftsmanship we excel on all levels. We have attracted the best estimators and installers to ensure the highest caliber experience for all of our clients.

Cost Effective Process

We have matured a methodical approach to ensure a seamless and efficient customer experience. If you are looking for masonry waterproofing or sealant, Rife Masonry is your “go to” choice. We have developed the best approach to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Elite Customer Experience

We have reworked what we feel contracting is all about. Rife Masonry makes a dedicated effort to provide each and every customer with the best customer service, hands down. We want to change how the industry is viewed and it starts with how we treat our customers.

Highest Quality Masonry Waterproofing

Rife Masonry uses only the best products on the market to make sure your home or business is safe from the elements. By selecting the highest quality products, we hope to provide peace of mind that your investment is well protected. Our expert team is motivated and ready to work.

Our Promise

Gaining your trust is paramount to our success. Our teams know that to succeed is to follow the procedure, satisfy the clients, and produce exceptional quality. We won't leave your job until we know you are fully satisfied.

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