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There is something special about working with Seattle neighbors like you to protect and preserve historic brick and masonry. These are surfaces and materials that were laid with care generations ago, in many cases, and we consider it a unique privilege to add a new chapter to your home’s story.

Our specific goal is to preserve as much as possible, only repairing and replacing what is needed, and blending our improvements in a way that seamlessly connects the new with the old.

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Earthquake Retrofitting

Earthquake retrofitting is another one of the ways that we can improve your historic surfaces with modern technology and structural understanding.


All around the U.S., but especially here on the West Coast, we have learned from the mistakes made by builders of past generations. We have a much better understanding of how your home needs to be constructed to withstand an earthquake, especially when lateral force is exerted (flexing your home from side to side).


Earthquake retrofitting more securely connects your walls using anchors to help withstand this strain, ultimately maintaining structural integrity and preventing collapse:


  • Unreinforced Masonry Installation/Repairs
  • Terra Cotta Repairs/Pinning


Over the years, masonry joints can and will deteriorate, eventually leading to a full breakdown. Routine inspection and repair, of course, is a much more cost-effective alternative.

For surfaces that are most exposed to moisture (chimneys are a prime example), tuckpointing is eventually necessary. This process involves restoring at-risk, deteriorated masonry joints, ensuring that your structure stays solid, healthy, and functional.

Benefits of Tuckpointing in Seattle include:

  • Stop corrosion in its tracks
  • Maintain a strong, healthy structure
  • Avoid the need for costly repairs and rebuilding
  • Healthy masonry joints also seal water out, preventing mold, mildew, wood rot, flu damage, and other serious issues

Our Promise

Gaining your trust is paramount to our success. Our teams know that to succeed is to follow the procedure, satisfy the clients, and produce exceptional quality. We won't leave your job until we know you are fully satisfied.

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