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Looking for Masonry in Bellevue?

Rife Masonry is your preferred masonry expert in Bellevue, hands down. We have performed countless masonry services for homeowners, property managers, and business developers over the years.

From homeowners to property developers Rife Masonry serves anyone in need of Bellevue masonry services. Backed by years of experience, we offer exceptional masonry services for homes, businesses, historic buildings, and more.

Bellevue : Best in Class

Rife Masonry has a proven track record in excellence. From our amazing customer service to our second to none craftsmanship we excel on all levels. We have attracted the best estimators and installers to ensure the highest caliber experience for all of our clients.

Top quality products will only be used in the handling of your project. It is their belief that only the best products for the best customers be used. Rest assured that your project is in good hands and that the products will stand the test of time.

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Service with a smile in Bellevue

Rife Masonry has been involved in the masonry industry for over a decade and amassed a wealth of knowledge. Our expert installers are all experienced and have a skill unmatched in the industry. Professional demeanor will come along with our service every step of the way.


We have reworked what we feel contracting is all about. Rife Masonry makes a dedicated effort to provide each and every customer with the best customer service, hands down. We want to change how the industry is viewed and it starts with how we treat our customers.


Building with bricks and mortar is a great way to maintain a safe and sturdy home or office. Bricks can often last centuries while the mortar tends to have a lifespan of 25-30 years. Rife Masonry understands this, hence why they have amazing tuckpoint services for homes, outbuildings, and even large commercial complexes.


Bricks are a great building material that can withstand the elements for years to come, however the mortar has a shorter lifespan and often is the weak link that fails first. When small cracks appear due to the house or building settling, or natural expansion and contraction occurs, it creates an opening for water or other debris to infiltrate

Stone Veneer

This product allows homeowners to have the look of stone where they typically wouldn’t be able to since it can be applied in many different settings. Stone veneer is extremely predictable to work with since it comes premade and in select sizes. These reasons make it a top choice for Rife Masonry.


Waterproofing bricks and masonry isn’t always necessary but it depends on many factors. The biggest factor would be weather. If you live in a wet climate and have an older brick wall or home. If your brick or stone is porous this will also increase the likelihood or need for a waterproofing service.

Brick Laying & Repair

Brick may be durable, but it will inevitably require rehabilitation and attention. In fact, we recommend regular inspections and maintenance, just to ensure that any erosion or frail points are identified and quickly repaired. This delivers the best return on your investment, protecting your property as a whole throughout this process.

Building Envelope Repairs

The term “building envelope” is used frequently in the construction world, referring to how well your property or building is insulated. In other words, keeping the elements out and the occupants comfortable.

New Construction Masonry

Brick is a popular building material here in Bellevue, providing a whole host of benefits: long-term value, low maintenance, energy savings, stylish esthetic, and more. Proper brick selection and installation is paramount for structural integrity, and for the above listed reasons.

Historic Building Restoration

We always strive to only repair and replace what is needed, and blend our improvements in a way that seamlessly connects the new with the old. These are surfaces and materials that were laid with care generations ago, in many cases, and we consider it a unique honor to add a new chapter to your home’s story.

Our Promise

Gaining your trust is paramount to our success. Our teams know that to succeed is to follow the procedure, satisfy the clients, and produce exceptional quality. We won't leave your job until we know you are fully satisfied.

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